The protection of the environment and the health, safety, and security of RAMAK TIK’s staff and of third parties take absolute priority in all actions of RAMAK TIK.
Consequently, health, safety, security, and environmental protection (HSSE) form an integral part of RAMAK TIK’s Integrated Management System (IMS), the backbone of RAMAK TIK.
The system is certified to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 in their latest editions.

RAMAK TIK strives to achieve market leadership through quality in its main business areas, and therefore the quality of RAMAK TIK’s services is of prime importance.
RAMAK TIK’s Integrated Management System (IMS) involves a Quality Management System to help RAMAK TIK ensure that the services rendered are of consistent quality and reliability.
The IMS is updated on a regular basis in order to optimize RAMAK TIK’s performance level and best serve its clients. The system is certified to ISO 9001 in its latest edition.
In its effort to strive for engineering excellence, RAMAK TIK partners with leading industry SME's to deliver its own project management system for PMC services on investment projects . We utilize a systematic approach to project management which is based on industry best practices. It is applied to large-scale investment projects anytime clients do not mandate the application of their own management system.
Our PMC services can be tailored to the needs of RAMAK TIK’s clients, and it creates the basis for successful project execution. It is based on the management framework published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and allows for future adaptation as requirements change.
Knowledge management is critical in knowledge based fields like those of RAMAK TIK. Responsible, competent managers are assigned to all specialist fields of RAMAK TIK. Their role is to continuously expand the knowledge of RAMAK TIK in their respective field of expertise, create documentation, and convey it across the entire RAMAK TIK Group. The competence officers are in-house partners for addressing challenges in their respective areas of expertise.

To ensure that the applicable laws and guidelines are carefully followed, all companies of the RAMAK TIK Group have compliance management systems (CMS) in place.
Our compliance managers ensure to verify all pertinent provisions and organizational measures, and regularly review the effectiveness of the systems.