By aligning its business agenda with the SDGs, and utilizing the conceptual framework that they provide, RAMAK TIK's able to maximize the company’s contribution to sustainable development within the vast majority of its projects.
RAMAK TIK’s ambition to deliver sustainable solutions and services not only includes efforts aimed at meeting the UN’s SDGs, but furthermore extends to supporting the implementation of other relevant international frameworks such as the New Urban Agenda, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, with its groundbreaking Paris Agreement, and others.

RAMAK TIK is aware of the importance of its employees for the company’s sustainable development. From the very start, RAMAK TIK has promoted creative thinking amongst its staff, and encourages employees to closely cooperate with various R&D institutions, and regularly participate in training activities and conferences.
The promotion of such creativity and networking fosters the formulation of smart and innovative solutions, the provision of which forms a pivotal part of the Sustainability Policy of the RAMAK TIK Group, which outlines our commitment amongst others to:
  • reducing the company’s carbon footprint
  • reducing the company’s energy consumption
  • minimizing the company’s waste production
This policy is however only the starting point of RAMAK TIK’s endeavors to embed sustainability into its organizational culture. An effort is also being made to enhance the life quality of employees, and enable them to make their own personal contribution to improving the quality of life worldwide.

RAMAK TIK's genuinely committed to acting in its clients’ best interests and in line with its own Sustainability Policy, based on the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.
RAMAK TIK’s role in society, as both an employer and a member, explains why the company places great importance on fostering positive relationships with individual communities and with society in general.
RAMAK TIK not only appreciates its staff dedicating their free time to community services such as the fire department, ambulance service, mountain rescue, or to charity organizations, but also as a company makes regular donations to organizations that support people in need.